Want To Become A Poker Pro? Here’s What You Need to Know

Relationship: Family life can be very strained, due to the unsocial dynamics of gaming. With the long hours you’ll spend at it, you may have less time for family. Your friends will be other poker players, period. Health: A poker player’s life can be sedentary. Regular breaks, exercise and a healthy diet are essential to keep in tip top physical and mental condition. Mental resilience is essential to being a Pro.

Wealth: Imagine having a “normal” job but not knowing if you’re going to get paid.

Emotional Endurance: Watch out for “Tilt”. A common problem amongst poker players, it can lead to an emotionally unstable mind-set that can frequently occur after a losing streak.

Bank Roll: A small bankroll (set aside specifically for poker). Bank Roll Management is essential. The estimated minimum required for a player to go professional can, with living expenses, be around $20,000 a year.

Keeping Winning Stats: You need to play 100,000 to 250,000 hands. These numbers will prove whether you’re a winning player over the long term, or not.

Calculating Winnings: Many players use the BB games won per 100 hands over 100,000 hands to calculate their potential income.

Winning Strategy: Your Skill Level/Knowledge, your bankroll, your natural playing style. Find a strategy that best fits all three, and you’ll have found a way to win consistently.

Know Your Style: For example, “Tight-Aggressive” (TAG) style of play is favoured, and regarded as one of the most profitable poker styles.

Who is a Winning Player? Someone who makes decisions to secure their position, and increases their value in every turn.

Going Pro means: Finding a balance between poker and your personal life, making good money, having fun, making the struggles you’ll encounter along the way count.