Play flash games online for free

It has never been easier to play Flash games online for free, especially since most people now have broadband Internet. Some websites insist that you open up an account, but some offer genuinely good games that you can play for free!button that says online games

Where It Gets Nasty

There are some websites that use free games as a way to snag people. They may ask you to sign up to their website to sell your email address to spammers, or have you sign up and demand you pay. Others will claim you need a plug-in to play, and have you download malware when you click the link.

The Problem with the Industry

Flash games are very popular, which is why there are now thousands of quickly made cash-grab games. There are massive amounts of poorly made games out there, but if you can wade through them, you find that nugget of gold in the quagmire.

Good for People That Are Sick of Steam

Steam is just as bad for Indie producers cranking out terrible games with the hopes of making a quick buck. At least with online games you can run through more games more quickly. It is certainly easier than downloading free demos from Steam.

Play Games You Used To Have To Pay For

You can play games like Angry Birds, Monopoly and Risk without having to pay, and yet years ago they cost us money. This sort of thing happens quite a bit; it is just a shame that so many websites remove the games once they start getting popular (probably to save bandwidth).

Burn Through a load In A Short Time

You can open up different games in different browser tabs and load them up as you play another. It means you can find, explore and dump games very quickly whilst trying to find the most playable game.