Cashable and Non-cashable Bonuses

Newbies to the online casino world might feel a little bit out of their depth with the large range and variety of generic and very specific casinos and games on offer. With each online casino vying for attention and hoping to win over customers, it isn’t easy to know how to get into playing, which casino to go for, and what games you’ll like the most. This is where welcome bonuses come into play – a great way for online casinos to give you a taste of their product and for you to give yourself a feel for playing. These bonuses are really beneficial to new players, as you get a bit of buffer time to decide whether this is the casino for you. Also, it is a quick way to either make some fast cash, or determine what games you like the most and which providers to look out for, whether it’s ones with a cashable bonus or a non-cashable bonus, such as free spins. The main difference is that one allows you to get a doubled amount when you win something, whereas the other one gives you more free opportunities to play the game without having to give any money to the casino, i.e., free spins.

However, despite there being lots of generic and pretty attractive welcome bonuses, as a new user you have to be careful and understand the restrictions tied to these bonuses, and not get caught out. The casino also has to protect itself from people constantly winning lots of money, as at the end of the day it is a business. So, understanding the wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal limits and maximum wins is key to making a savvy decision when choosing which casino to go for.

As long as you are smart about it, then the benefits from a welcome bonus are advantageous, both giving you a try of the casino and its new games, and letting you make some money from the outset.